News // A 10-foot alligator had been living on Florida golf course for a year (

SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. – Trappers removed an injured alligator, believed to be a 10-foot-8, 300-pound male, from a pond near the 15th tee box at the Pelican Pointe Golf & Country Club near Venice late Monday morning.

“He walked across the 15th tee box, laid in the reeds for a while, and someone called the Sheriff’s Office,” said Bob Gada — pronounced like gator — who added that the gator likely wanted to slide into the nearby pond.

Gada, who did get some gentle ribbing from neighbors who asked if that was his gator, captured images of the gator and a video of it being removed.

This injured, 10-foot-8 alligator was removed from a pond by the 15th tee box at the Pelican Pointe Golf & Country Club near Venice, late Monday morning. The gator was reportedly relocated to Jurassic Ranch near Punta Gorda.

The gator has lived on or near the course for at least a year.

“He was here last year, he comes and goes,” Gada said. But this time, people noticed that the gator was…

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