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For over 20 years, Augusta National Golf Club has spent time and resources buying land surrounding its private grounds, but one family continues to turn down millions for their home. 

In 1959, the Thacker family built a three-bedroom, 1,900-square-foot home that is now estimated to be worth $330,000 — but have turned down seven-figure offers from the club. 

Since 1999, Augusta National has spent more than $200 million buying over 100 properties around the golf course, making many of the property owners instant millionaires.

Augusta National, which opened in 1933, spent $40 million to buy and bulldoze homes located off the northwest corner of the club. The site, Gate 6-A, is now a free parking lot for guests and is adjacent to the property the Thacker family refuses to sell.

Despite a reluctance to sell, the Thacker family has conducted business with Augusta National in the past.

The family sold property next to their home to Augusta National for…

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