News // Is a custom-fit driver right for you? Find out as our exclusive, season-long club fitting study tracks amateur golfers (

In “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” the classic novel by Roald Dahl and immortalized on the silver screen by Gene Wilder, five Golden Tickets were hidden in chocolate-bar wrappers. As we know, things didn’t go too well for a few of the lucky winners. Is there a Golden Ticket in golf equipment? For some people, it might be a free, full-bag fitting through Club Champion, the industry’s largest premium custom fitter. Turns out, a few Average Joes just redeemed theirs.

First, a little background. Golfweek is conducting an ongoing club fitting study. Earlier in the year, we selected applicants after they completed a thorough screening process. Last month, the participants experienced the free fitting sessions at Club Champion’s corporate headquarters in Willowbrook, IL. They each received a custom-fit driver, at no charge, built to their exact specs. Here’s the catch: They must play golf with the fitted clubs while we follow them throughout the season, and not just…

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