News // Scottish group focused on golf’s carbon footprint, sustainability (

When it comes to environmentally friendly golf, those of us who are enthusiastically incompetent at this grand game are well ahead of the curve. Let’s face it, we tend to recycle the same old rubbish every time we step on to the course.

Talk to some players and they’ll think golf’s green issues revolve around pitch marks, dodgy pin positions and stimp readings. The wider, more pressing debates, of course, cannot be ignored.

The term ‘sustainability’ may crop up everywhere these days but it’s far from a buzzword. Rather, it’s the bedrock upon which golf is trying to build, well, a sustainable future.

The game’s green credentials have come under significant scrutiny in recent years. Major developments on sensitive land – I’m not mentioning any Trumps here – have brought the kind of grim coverage you’d get if you hosted a soiree in a Downing Street garden.

Meanwhile, mighty expansions to existing championship courses to combat the modern game’s big-hitters,…

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