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Professional golf lost a great friend Tuesday when Tim Rosaforte died of Alzheimer’s Disease.

So did I.

I have had the honor of being close friends with Rosie, as we all called him, for almost 40 years. I was moving into a condo in Tampa in January, 1981 and Tim was the one moving out, headed to South Florida where he would meet his wife Genevieve, raise daughters Genna and Molly and start a career that would take him to the top of the journalism business.

Less than two years later, I took a job at The Evening Times in West Palm Beach and ran into Rosie at a PGA Senior Championship at PGA National. We have been best buddies ever since.

Hard to believe Rosie was doing his thing on Golf Channel almost two years ago and today he is gone at the too-young age of 66. Alzheimer’s doesn’t care how famous you are, how much you’re loved, how hard you’ve worked, how many zeroes are in your account and how much you have given to others.

Tim knew he was having memory-loss issues…

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