Golf Industry News // How more stable will you feel with the new Callaway Rogue ST driver? (

I have already begun to believe that there will be no new golf clubs in 2022 due to global supply chain disruption. Luckily, we can play with a new Callaway Rogue ST driver ($549.99; at retail from 2/18/2022) this year … or not?

After TaylorMade Stealth driver, I feel like we are in a clash between titanium and carbon usage. You will see soon why.

In 2018, I really liked the Callaway Rogue driver ($499,99):

The enhanced X-Face architecture.Callaway Rogue Driver’s extreme forgiveness is also made possible by the less than 10 grams and strong triaxial carbon crown.The shallower and deeper body the driver became more forgiving, with a 16% tighter shot dispersion.

I wonder what technology and techniques have been put in to make the ball faster and be more forgiving.

The Callaway Rogue ST driver in 2022 knows this….

Callaway is promising that the new Callaway Rogue driver is the…

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