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A couple of years ago, I asked (among others) Kristin Hinze, the Global Head of Merchandising at Puma Golf, when golf clothing will be environmentally friendly and sustainable.

I just met Reflo sportswear manufacturer who manufactures sustainable & environmentally friendly golf apparel. This is why I interviewed Rory Macfadyen, the Co-Founder of Reflo.

Are the differences between performance and fashion really gone?

We are seeing more than ever the boundaries between fashion and performance merge, and customers are expecting to not only feel good in the apparel they wear but look good also. For sportswear, we definitely see the two now need to go hand in hand and both are at the forefront of our launch collection. 

At Reflo, we added another layer into the thinking which is “do good”. As a brand, we want people to Look good, feel good and do good when purchasing and wearing our…

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