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Golf’s popularity picked up during the pandemic, and nearly two years after the world shut down, the sport is still swinging for the stars.

In 2020, golf had its biggest net increase since 1997 at 60 million-plus rounds, with 3 million people taking the course for the first time. Roughly 500 million rounds were played last year.

This year, the National Golf Foundation found that the total number of rounds played in the U.S. will surpass the number of rounds played in 2020 by 4% to 5%. NGF president and CEO Joe Beditz predicts that the total number of rounds played in 2021 will be 18% higher than 2017-2019 — the pre-pandemic average.

Investing In The Sport

From professional golfers to local golf courses, businesses everywhere want a piece of the success.

The PGA Tour’s purse jumped nearly 14% for each event, totaling $427 million, thanks to new sponsors and broadcasting deals. The LGPA’s purse jumped 12% to almost $86 million.Lamborghini, known…

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