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I was so glad that so many of you were interested in my 2021 golf club marketing trend predictions. Reading through these, I see that I was not very wrong. On the contrary!

How did you see the year 2021 in terms of golf club marketing? What do you expect in 2022? Share it in the comment box!

I still consider these golf club marketing trends to be relevant and timely. The 2022 golf club marketing trends (9) will be the following.

Conversational marketing

Before I will detail the TOP 8 golf club marketing trends, it is worth having a look at which marktech solution types grew with the highest rate (see below). The first 2022 golf club marketing trend is related to this: conversational marketing (one-on-one communication via chatbots, live chat, messenger apps).

In the last couple of years, it proved its business value by shortening the sales cycle and significantly improving the marketing…

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