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The latest research of The R&A and Sports Marketing Surveys (SMS) found that the total number of golfers has increased to 66.6 million from 61 million over the last five years, surpassing the previous high mark of 61.6 million set in 2012. 

The 2021 European Golf Participation Report found more than 10.6 million golfers playing full-length courses on the continent, an increase from 7.9 million in 2016.

So, it is clear from what I heard at the 2021 GCMA National Conference (UK) that several golf clubs had to re-introduce the waiting list to manage the increased demand for golf club membership.

The big question now is how we can help our employees deal effectively with the new situation and how we can create an attractive technological environment for our employees that makes their jobs easier.

This is an even more relevant question in today’s war for talent, where employees are more…

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