News // Disc Golf Pro Tour TV studio moving to Wisconsin (

A professional organization for disc golf is bringing its broadcast operations to Milwaukee.

The Disc Golf Pro Tour plans to build a studio in the basement of the Mitchell Mall/Schuster Lofts building on Mitchell Street in the city.

That’s according to public records filed with the city Department of Neighborhood Services.

The department on December 13 issued a building permit to remodel the space for the broadcast studio.

Also, the Disc Golf Pro Tour has applied for an occupancy permit for that site.

An operations plan filed with the city said the space will be used for “recording, producing and broadcasting web content focused on the sport of disc golf.”

“This location will be used to broadcast commentary on the Professional Disc Golf Tour tournaments, record instructional videos, and upload them to the website,” it said.

The studio will have four employees.

“We chose Milwaukee because that’s where most of our production team is located,” said Seth Fendley,…

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