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FOUNTAIN HILLS, Ariz. — At age 12, Tania Tare wasn’t into golf yet. But a commercial featuring Tiger Woods juggling and then hitting a golf ball out of the air caught her eye. Fast forward 20 years and Tare can only look back in amazement.

“If I think about how it all started, it’s actually pretty crazy,” she said.

Tare, 32, grew up in New Zealand, played collegiately at Florida International, and lived briefly in California before settling in Arizona. She vividly recalls that day two decades ago when she watched the Nike commercial of Woods casually bouncing a ball on a wedge several times, going up and under his legs before swinging at the ball and launching it to the moon.

“I saw that when I was about 12 and I learned how to do that without ever hitting a golf ball off the ground. I thought that was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen,” she said. “I didn’t even really like associate it in my head that it was golf. … I didn’t hit my first golf ball in a…

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