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During his first press conference since being involved in a one-car accident that could have killed him, Tiger Woods was asked to recall the first day he walked again without crutches, or any other help.

“I did it maybe probably a little earlier than they suggested,” he said, a classic Tiger non-answer that told you everything you needed to know.

Of course, he’s ahead of the timeline given by doctors — he’s Tiger Woods. He lives for a challenge and this may be the biggest one of his life. Tiger said going from immobile in his hospital bed for several months to able to walk into the press conference on his own was “a longer process that I thought.” But here he is, already able to play some holes.

Who thought that was possible back in February during the around-the-clock coverage of his accident and pronouncements by the medical staff made it sound doubtful he’d ever play let alone walk again?

So, here’s something I didn’t think I’d be typing nine months later:…

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