News // North Carolina’s Biltmore Estate had a golf course. What happened? (

Question from a reader: As a longtime patron of the Biltmore Estate, I’ve often wondered why they haven’t added a golf course. They have evolved over the years into a truly multi-faceted attraction – something for everyone, every age. They have enough acreage, especially along the river, to build an attractive links-style course. Sounds like a home run to me … er, a hole in one!

My answer: I think a hole where you had to hit over the house would really liven up the visit for tourists.

Real answer: At 8,000 acres, the estate certainly could carve out a few hundred acres for a top-notch golf course, but don’t hold your breath.

“Throughout the years, the possibility of creating a golf course has been discussed, but there are no plans at this time,” estate spokeswoman LeeAnn Donnelly said via email.

I’ll note that this question has come in to me multiple times over the years, along with rumors that the estate is going to build an amusement park on-site, or at least a…

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