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“Quick fixes” have a certain connotation in swing corrections. And it is true that some teaching is done on the basis of band-aids. However, we have to consider that instant remedies have two important functions in all of our golf games.

Quick fixes can act as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding during a round

I have seen many, many rounds ruined because the player had no idea how to stop a persistent miss. When someone slices, shanks, or hooks the ball on the first hole and is still doing it on the last hole, it is clear that player did not know the cause or at least a temporary fix for the problem. He or she did not have the requisite box of band-aids. Without that, scores can balloon well past what they should have been.

The other value of a quick fix is to witness an immediate change in ball flight

We all react to the flight of the golf ball. Slicers swing left, those who hook swing right (right-handers), and so on. Swinging away from your trouble shot is a very natural…

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