Golf Industry News // Befriend AI Golf putting aid to decrease your HCP! (

Now I read that beginners and non-complete beginner golfers face 10 major challenges. One of their challenges is hit the putt. I am sure we can agree on that there is no annoying more than three or more putting. It alienates many of us, especially new golfers.

Before I achieved my first handicap many years ago, I remember none of the local PGA Pros of my golf club recommended any golf putting aid to master my putting skills.

With my head today, I see that I could have obtained my HCP much sooner if I had been offered easy-to-use golf putting aid like I use today (AI Golf). Six years ago, I tried Ojee Talon but it was not able to improve my putting.

It is very likely I won’t be able to hit more than 250 meters away. That’s why I decided to spend more time from now on improving my short game.

Today, I am going to share with you why I selected AI Golf and not something else. Furthermore,…

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