Golf Industry News // The Thornbury Golf Centre starts a £600,000 irrigation investment project (

Thornbury Golf Centre – near Bristol – will start soon a £600,000 irrigation investment project (funded by club owner and operator, Burhill Group Limited (BGL)) with the aim of amplifying the look and playability of both golf courses, while also dramatically improving maintenance efficiency.

The first phase of the project will cost around £275,000 and will see the foundations laid across both golf courses for the installation of a new high-tech irrigation system that will include tee boxes, fairways, approaches, and greens.

Crucially, the new system will allow the club to better manage the amount of moisture in the ground, making the courses more playable, all year round.

The new irrigation system will be controlled via mobile device or computer, allowing maintenance teams to control the conditioning of the golf courses, 24-hours a day. This will make a huge difference to staff…

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