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How to plumb bob a putt: It could help you to determine subtle breaks on the putting surface, but only if you do it correctly.

How To Plumb Bob A Putt

If you’re uncertain on which way a subtle putt breaks, the plumb bob method could help you to get it right.

But you need to understand how the plumb bob should work and how to put it into practice correctly on the golf course.

Here below, we give you the information you need on how to plumb bob a putt.

What is a plumb bob

A plumb bob is a tool that was historically used to establish a vertical or plumb line, it’s a method that is known to have been used at least as far back as ancient Egypt.

The tool was generally a pointed weight on the end of a string and was used in building to ensure walls were being constructed vertically – An earlier form of a spirit level.

In putting, the idea is that you replace the plumb line with your putter to plumb bob and determine whether the line of your upcoming putt slopes to the left or right.

It can work, but only if you do it correctly.

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