Phil Mickelson shoots again on PGA Tour driver rule, says players didn’t have ‘any kind of representation’

If for some reason you don’t already follow Phil Mickelson on social media, especially Twitter, now would be a good time to start.

After the USGA and R&A announced a new driver length rule on Tuesday, the reigning PGA Championship winner took to Twitter with a “stupid is as stupid does” reaction. But he wasn’t done. On Wednesday, Mickelson continued to share his pleasure on Twitter with the new Model Local Rule that, starting Jan. 1, 2022, reduces the length of non-putters from 48 inches to 46 inches.

“It is extremely disappointing to find out that the PGA Tour adopted the new USGA rule through the media. I don’t know of any player who had any say or any kind of representation in this matter,” wrote Mickelson. “I do know many are wondering if there’s a better way.”

OPINION: USGA, R&A’s club-length rule might be the first shot in a larger battle over distance

In a statement given to Golfweek on Tuesday afternoon, the PGA Tour announced that it would implement the local rule on Jan. 1:

“The PGA Tour collaborates with the USGA and R&A regularly on equipment matters, as well as with other industry stakeholders. We have been aware of research in regard to limiting…


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