Making the case for Ryder Cup-style events between college golf rivals

In the summer of 2007, a meeting took place at the U.S. Junior Championship at Boone Valley Golf Club in Augusta, Missouri. Coaches gathered that week to discuss how could they grow the sport

The NCAA Division I Men’s Golf Championship was about to switch its format to match play to decide the national champion. One reason for this was to help the sport gain more attention and become more popular.

A coach even mentioned the growth in popularity in college softball and baseball and talked about how he would often see those scores run across the bottom of his TV screen on the ESPN ticker. Coaches wanted to see college golf get that same sort of attention.

Match play could easily allow someone to understand Team A vs. Team B and a winner and a loser. The NCAA finals would soon change and for a few days at the end of the season, college golfers would have the chance to be noticed on a bigger scale.

The format change was made for the 2009 men’s championship and a better script could not have been written when the event was held at the Inverness Club in Toledo. The drama was there, the intensity was there, the atmosphere trumped the stroke-play format and it all came to a head when…


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