Ellen Port Is the Greatest Golfer You’ve (Maybe) Never Heard Of (

Perhaps the best perspective from which to introduce this essay is to name some of the others in the neighborhood.

Tiger Woods and Bobby Jones have nine. JoAnne Gunderson Carner has eight, so does Jack Nicklaus. And then there is Ellen Port. She will tee off in the U.S. Senior Women’s Amateur this weekend carrying seven.

The bounty we’re talking about here is USGA championships. Woods and Jones have the most. Carner and Nicklaus are next. Safe to say if you have paid any attention to golf over the past many years, you know those names. Type them into Wikipedia, you will find substantial bios on each. Type “Ellen Port” in and you get nothing, no reference.

Safe to say that, unless you live in St. Louis, work for the USGA or consider yourself a wine connoisseur, “Port” doesn’t ring a bell.

Just consider what the 59-year old mother of two and wife of one has been doing this summer:


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