Riding Out A Storm: One Golf Facility Owner’s Personal Tale of 2020 (

In the end, golf is really about people. People connecting with each other, and the world around them. It evokes feelings of joy, and occasionally many other emotions as well. That also extends to the business of golf, where 2020 brought forward many sentiments we never imagined experiencing, just as it did in the world as a whole.

You could, and still can, see it around the region, where golf has provided an oasis in a time where there is not a lot to be sure about. It helps to talk about that, and share it with others, so we can support one another.

We’ve been fortunate to get to know many golfers and many golf facility owners and operators through the 25 years of producing Flagstick, and bringing light to their stories is always a privilege. They are the heart of the game in this country.

That’s why it is very powerful when we are able to see life from their perspective, just so we understand each other a little bit better.

At the end of 2020, Carol Ann Baxter, the owner of Archie’s in Cornwall, Ontario, and the executive Director of of the PGA of Canada – Ottawa Zone, sat down to document her year.

This is her story.

It’s worth a watch.

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