Dustin Johnson shares 4 simple and insightful tips about golf (

Dustin Johnson also has quite the reputation for his interactions with the media. Cool, distant and uninterested are all words that have been thrown around concerning his public persona. But even with that reputation in mind, when the opportunity to chat with the No. 2-ranked golfer in the world came up, I jumped at the opportunity. It’s not every day you get to pick the brain of one of the most talented golfers in the world.

Heading into the call, I fully expected to be chatting with the DJ I’d become familiar with in press conferences throughout the years. But much to my surprise, the DJ I talked with was nothing like the aloof golfer he’s come to be characterized as. He was thoughtful and engaging throughout our 15-minute call, and I learned a lot, too.

Here are four tips he shared with me about golf.

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