Stoke Gained: Inside the unexpected overlap of passions between golfers and surfers (

On a hazy morning just north of San Diego, hours before his regularly scheduled tee time, Paul Loegering is reading breaks. He’s looking at three-footers, and there’s not much in them — modest waves frothing a couple hundred yards offshore.

“It’s pretty choppy out there,” Loegering says. “Better conditions for golf than surfing.”

Not that he’s deterred. As he does most days when he isn’t traveling with the PGA Tour, Loegering plans to partake in both. He’ll hit the waves, then he’ll hit the links.

Per usual, he won’t be alone.

At 55, a brown-haired, slight-framed former collegiate surfer who earns his keep in the golf equipment industry, Loegering (pronounced leggo-ring) is the ringleader of a crew that swaps wet suits in the morning for collared shirts in the afternoon. As he puts it, “Our motto is ‘Surf AM, golf PM.’”

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