How Phil Mickelson learned to quit being a yo-yo dieter (

There’s a lot to admire about Phil Mickelson, including his weight-loss transformation in recent years.

People are often told — with good reason — that making those kind of lifestyle shifts only get harder as you get older. Eating healthy and working out (or not doing either) are, ultimately, nothing more than habits. And the thing about habits is that they’re engrained over time. Years of bad habits are hard to shake.

Which is why Mickelson transforming himself into the best physical shape of his life in his late 40s after years of yo-yo dieting is so inspiring.

So, what changed? That was a topic of conversation in GOLF Top 100 Claude Harmon III’s most recent Off Course podcast with fellow GOLF Top 100 Teacher Dave Phillips, which you can listen to in full below.

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