How is Steph Curry’s golf equipment made? He found out firsthand (

As you may have heard, Steph Curry is something of an elite athlete — with an emphasis on athlete.

For starters, he is unquestionably one of the greatest shooters and most prolific scorers in the history of professional basketball. The two-time MVP and three-time NBA champ is also a two-time scoring champion, and owns the NCAA record for three-pointers made in a single season. Curry the basketball player is responsible for shifting the way the game is played, and has served at the forefront of the league’s three-point era.

But Steph Curry is not just a basketball player. He’s an athlete, meaning he isn’t just a great shooter, he’s also gifted with a series of natural skills — skills like coordination, balance, agility, explosiveness and even focus. These are skills that make Curry a terrific basketball player, yes, but they also make him skilled at other sports like golf, where he is a scratch handicap.

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