3 things I learned about putting from one of the best putters ever (

Poor putting tends to wear down the psyche of a golfer more than any other part of the game. A couple missed three footers is enough to drive golfers mad and leave scar tissue for days, weeks and even years. If there’s a broken club sitting in the garbage can by the clubhouse, chances are it’s a putter and not a driver. Putting just has that effect on golfers.

For Aaron Baddeley, though, one of the PGA Tour’s best putters of the last 20 years, putting seems to come easy. Since the PGA Tour started keeping track of Strokes Gained: Putting in 2004, Baddeley has finished in the top-10 in the category ten times, and he led the tour in 2015. His long-lasting success on the greens is nearly unmatched.

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