'I don't really like them': Justin Thomas not thrilled with rangefinders at PGA (

We’re still weeks away from the opening tee shots at the 2021 PGA Championship, but that hasn’t stopped the tournament from making major championship history already.

For the first time ever, competitors will be allowed to utilize rangefinders throughout the course of tournament play at the PGA at the end of May. The change came as a surprise to many when the PGA of America announced it in February, including, it seems, the 2017 PGA Championship winner, Justin Thomas.

“I won’t — I don’t think we’ll use them,” Thomas said in a press conference ahead of the Wells Fargo Championship Wednesday. “I think maybe if you hit one on another hole or you have some kind of crazy weird angle you have the opportunity to use it, that’s one thing. But I think I made my stance on it pretty clear. I don’t really like them.”

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