How one piece of duct tape can give your backswing a power boost (

As they say, duct tape fixes everything — even your golf swing. And the best part of this swing tip is that nobody can accuse it of being a Band-Aid solution.

Alright, enough of the bad jokes, because this actually is a handy (handyman, even) swing tip I came across the other day via our friends and partners at GOLFTEC. It’ll help your backswing, (and before we get going, you can follow the link right here to book your own swing evaluation, clubfitting and/or tune-up before the season swings into primetime.)

Let’s get to the tip. The problem is that lots of higher-handicappers tend to make a backswing like you see below. They sway off the ball — two inches more, according to GOLFTEC’s SwingTru study, — and pair that move with about seven degrees less of shoulder tilt. Both those swing killers combine for an open clubface and more often than not, consistency issues.


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