How to mulch your yard like a pro, according to a landscaping expert (

Some people are lawn and gardening experts. The rest of us have mulch to learn.

With spring in full swing and mulching on many homeowners’ minds, we turned to David Fisher for an education on the topic. As a landscape architect with Pinnacle Design Company, a La Quinta, Calif.-based international landscape architectural firm that specializes in golf courses, resorts and residential communities, Fisher works with mulch for reasons both aesthetic and pragmatic.

For starters, mulch makes beautiful ornamentation. But it also suppresses weeds and reduces soil compaction and erosion while retaining moisture and insulating plant roots from damaging cold. Assuming, that is, that you use it correctly. To that end, we asked Fisher for a list of mulching dos and don’ts. Here’s his easy-to-follow 6-point guide.

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