5 drivers designed to cut down on excessive spin – ClubTest 2021 (

Spin can be your friend if you struggle to get the ball in the air off the tee. A driver designed to promote a high launch with optimal spin will increase carry distance, which in turn should lead to longer drives. The low and back weight position also tends to be more forgiving on off-center strikes. It’s the kind of combo that most golfers can embrace.

But what about those who generate excessive spin? If you’re on the high-end of the swing-speed spectrum, there’s a good chance generating spin isn’t an issue. While spin can help keep the ball in the air, too much spin can lead to a loss of distance and consistency. Shifting the center of gravity toward the face is a common practice to negate spin, but for years it usually came at a cost in the forgiveness department.

Thanks to material and design improvements, it’s no longer necessary to sacrifice forgiveness for low-spin characteristics.

Here are five low-spin options that do it all — and performed admirably during the player-testing portion of GOLF’s 2021 ClubTest.

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